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Trent Law

"Great company to deal with. Legit old school values."


Chris Murphy

"Nicest fit yet!”


Bob Greenawalt

“I would like to thank Tom & Cathy for the awesome turn around time recertifying my belts. I encourage anyone in the need of belts, window net, race car tie downs, etc to contact Elite Belts for your needs. Shop local, shop Canadian.”


Lucas Mlinar

“Very happy with their service and quality!!! Top notch products!!!”


Andrew Moffat

“Best equipment I've used and amazing service!!”


James Bast

“Elite rocks”

- James B. - 09/10/2020

Foji Dhansaw

“One of the best businesses I have ever dealt with”

- Foji D. - 09/10/2020

Jeff Coleman

“Awesome belts & people”

- Jeff C. - 09/10/2020

Bob Heans

“Great belts. Have a set myself. Cathy Meheden is the best. I have to send her a thank you card one of these days”

- Bob H. - 09/10/2020

T & T Racing

“We love our new Elite Belts. Local to Calgary and awesome to deal with. Check them out and support local”

- T & T Racing - 09/10/2020

Don Campbell

“Very fine people with an outstanding product”

- Don C. - 09/10/2020

Kevin Massignan

“They have awesome seat belts and great people to deal with.”

- Kevin Massignan - 09/10/2020

Rob Guazzaroni

“Thanks again for the window net. Fit was great.”

- Rob G. - 09/10/2020

Braydon Heroux

“High quality products, great staff, only good things to be said about this company. Thank you for everything!”

- Braydon H. - 09/10/2020

Rory Moser

“Their products are second to none and also great people.”

- Rory M. - 09/10/2020

Raz Sonoma

“Thanks for providing a great product and even better service.”

- Raz S. - 09/10/2020

Joe Grave

“That custom window net fit like a glove. Thanks for the outstanding service.”

- Joe G. - 09/10/2020

Jackie Lucas

“Made us a window net & belts, window net fits perfect”

- Jackie L. - 09/10/2020

Matt Blasco

“Gave them the measurements for my window net and they had it done within 2 days and shipped. Fit perfectly, thanks again!”

- Matt B. - 09/10/2020

Mark Campbell

“Fit and finish like no other! Thanks for the great belts and the great service!”

- Mark C. - 09/10/2020

Ed Bouwmeester

“Received my new lap belts for 1964 dodge polara. Awesome work and they will look amazing.”

- Ed B. - 09/10/2020

Bernie Frey

“Awesome people. Great service!!”

- Bernie F. - 09/10/2020

Roger Foster

“Great service, friendly, quick service. Highly recommended!”

- Roger F. - 09/10/2020

Allan (Wild Al) Weich

“Great people, great service. This is the place to get your safety belts and recertifications.”

- Allan W. - 09/10/2020

Mike Thorpe

“Awesome belts, impeccable quality”

- Mike T. - 09/10/2020

Matt Brockhoff

“Great people and great products”

- Matt B. - 09/10/2020

Chris Mondor

“Great products”

- Chris M. - 09/10/2020

David Gillard

“Love these guys. All local racers should use these guys imo. They provide the best service of any supplier I use.”

- David G. - 09/10/2020

Doug Lorraine

“They fit very well and more comfortable than the willans ones I have used in the past.”

- Doug L. - 09/10/2020

Brent Fulmek

“The fit of the net is exceptional. It’s nice to get something right the first time. Thanks again”

- Brent F. - 09/10/2020

Darren Miller

“Great people! Great product! Don’t buy another set of belts from the states anymore.”

- Darren M. - 09/10/2020

Dennis Moore

“Awesome customer service!! Very nice belts.”

- Dennis M. - 09/10/2020

Steve Rutherford

“You now have a scta world record holder using your window nets.”

- Steve R. - 09/10/2020

Val Davenport

“Best products going. Made in Canada!!”


Brian Heffel

“Thank you.Great product. A pleasure speaking with both of you.”


Len Mayer

“Elite Belts. Awesome products. Awesome customer service. And it's Western Canadian.”


Dan Bold

“It's the people I use for all my cars.”


Daren Keller

“Fast service and very easy to deal with.”


Justin Collin

“Tom and Cathy are awesome!”


James Hatfield

“11/10 customer service for sure!”


Paul Goldamer

“Thanks for the tie down straps, they work great.”


John Cuglietta

“I've purchased all my belts and window nets. Great products, great customer service!”


Dave Schaffel

“As Tina Turner would say-Simply The Best.”


Aaron Linder

“Great people! Great products!”


Randy Borysko

“Got the goods today. Like the fit.”


Gordie Abougoush

“They are awesome.”


Larry Yampolsky

“Just got mine the other day too. Fast service.”


Steve Wilson

“Thanks to Elite Belts perfect fit.”


Todd Fredrickson

“You sell the nicest belts I've ever bought. Thank you.”


Yvonne Lucas

“Awesome company, awesome people.”


Daniel Rodrigue

“Another quality piece from Elite Belts!! Thank you Tom Meheden and Cathy Meheden for the quick turn around and quality craftsmanship!! The BU is proud to be Elite equipped in the safety department.”


Adam Berard-Shand

“Best belts ever.”


Larry Peters

“The service is top notch!”


Curt Thompson

“Not only does Elite provide the best belts and window nets, the service that Cathy and Tom provide is Amazing!!!!”


Teresa Gaetz

“It's great to support a local Alberta company! Thank you Elite Belts recertifications great options also for the racers.”


Glen Scaife

“Belts, net, tie down rigging. Great quality, support small business.”


Trevor Holland

“I had them build a custom window net, fit perfectly. Great to deal with.”


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