James Bast

“Elite rocks”

- James B. - 09/10/2020

Foji Dhansaw

“One of the best businesses I have ever dealt with”

- Foji D. - 09/10/2020

Jeff Coleman

“Awesome belts & people”

- Jeff C. - 09/10/2020

Bob Heans

“Great belts. Have a set myself. Cathy Meheden is the best. I have to send her a thank you card one of these days”

- Bob H. - 09/10/2020

T & T Racing

“We love our new Elite Belts. Local to Calgary and awesome to deal with. Check them out and support local”

- T & T Racing - 09/10/2020

Don Campbell

“Very fine people with an outstanding product”

- Don C. - 09/10/2020

Kevin Massignan

“They have awesome seat belts and great people to deal with.”

- Kevin Massignan - 09/10/2020

Rob Guazzaroni

“Thanks again for the window net. Fit was great.”

- Rob G. - 09/10/2020

Braydon Heroux

“High quality products, great staff, only good things to be said about this company. Thank you for everything!”

- Braydon H. - 09/10/2020

Rory Moser

“Their products are second to none and also great people.”

- Rory M. - 09/10/2020

Raz Sonoma

“Thanks for providing a great product and even better service.”

- Raz S. - 09/10/2020

Joe Grave

“That custom window net fit like a glove. Thanks for the outstanding service.”

- Joe G. - 09/10/2020

Jackie Lucas

“Made us a window net & belts, window net fits perfect”

- Jackie L. - 09/10/2020

Matt Blasco

“Gave them the measurements for my window net and they had it done within 2 days and shipped. Fit perfectly, thanks again!”

- Matt B. - 09/10/2020

Mark Campbell

“Fit and finish like no other! Thanks for the great belts and the great service!”

- Mark C. - 09/10/2020

Ed Bouwmeester

“Received my new lap belts for 1964 dodge polara. Awesome work and they will look amazing.”

- Ed B. - 09/10/2020

Bernie Frey

“Awesome people. Great service!!”

- Bernie F. - 09/10/2020

Roger Foster

“Great service, friendly, quick service. Highly recommended!”

- Roger F. - 09/10/2020

Allan (Wild Al) Weich

“Great people, great service. This is the place to get your safety belts and recertifications.”

- Allan W. - 09/10/2020

Mike Thorpe

“Awesome belts, impeccable quality”

- Mike T. - 09/10/2020

Matt Brockhoff

“Great people and great products”

- Matt B. - 09/10/2020

Chris Mondor

“Great products”

- Chris M. - 09/10/2020

David Gillard

“Love these guys. All local racers should use these guys imo. They provide the best service of any supplier I use.”

- David G. - 09/10/2020

Doug Lorraine

“They fit very well and more comfortable than the willans ones I have used in the past.”

- Doug L. - 09/10/2020

Brent Fulmek

“The fit of the net is exceptional. It’s nice to get something right the first time. Thanks again”

- Brent F. - 09/10/2020

Darren Miller

“Great people! Great product! Don’t buy another set of belts from the states anymore.”

- Darren M. - 09/10/2020

Dennis Moore

“Awesome customer service!! Very nice belts.”

- Dennis M. - 09/10/2020

Steve Rutherford

“You now have a scta world record holder using your window nets.”

- Steve R. - 09/10/2020

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